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What if the real risk to ROII (return on innovation investment) was just 'WRONG' ideas?
How can you bring more speed, precision, discipline and less cost to the process of 'pretotyping' ideas? Bring a systematic, disciplined, reliable, learnable approach to getting to better ideas and to making sure they are right.
Learn how to rapidly test ideas at scale and low cost to determine if you SHOULD invest in them. We need a disciplined way of testing ideas cheaply BEFORE building anything.

Developed at Google, Perfected at Stanford, Pretotyping is that method.



Apex Innovation And Pretotyping For Leaders

My experience driving early stage innovation in Australia, mentoring scale-up companies through various accelerator programs and real-world innovation leadership at Australian corporates allows me to add value using local case studies, anecdotes, and insights.


How using the right tools, techniques and tactics will improve your ability to discover disruptive products or services.

Understand how, and why, Apex Innovators drive rapid experimentation.

80% of new products fail. How to mitigate this like Google and test 10 times the number of ideas.


2 Hour Presentation and Discussion

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Train your teams with the skills to figure out ‘Should we build it?” vs “can we build it?”.

Proven techniques to run hundreds of experiments at low cost to innovate across the business. Focus your innovation investment on the right products and ideas for by getting data (skin in the game) from customers in days before building anything.

Pretotyping will equip your teams with the necessary skills to accelerate innovation in your business. The two-day Pretotyping workshop uses licensed material developed at Google and Stanford.
The value to your business is reduced spending on the wrong ideas, a higher likelihood of finding ‘the one,’ establishing the entrepreneurial mindset in your people and building and maintaining momentum around your innovation initiatives.


Learning pretotype techniques with hands-on experience.

Synthesised insights from pretotype experiments.

Generate actionable individual pretotype plans to start testing the next day.

Day 1

Introduction to Apex Innovation

Introduction to Pretotyping

Hypothesis Testing principles

Team Exercises

Data to Decisions

Day 2

Review Day 1

Train the trainer or

Individual prototype planning


Two day Workshop with up to 20 people

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Position your business to innovate at pace as it continues on the journey of discovering potential new business models, services, and products. Our team works on-site with your team to filter ideas, test assumptions and use Pretotyping to deliver validated and invalidated experiments based on rapid customer data.

The Rapid Experimentation Pretotyping team will include representation from your business and be supported and guided by the Exponential Innovation team. Test a set of existing ideas at various stages of maturity to get data from customers at low cost and high speed. Delivered on-site or from co-working environments.


Immerse your team in Rapid Experimentation using Pretotype techniques with hands-on experience.

Validated / Invalidated innovation ideas tested with real customers in days to know where to invest.

Rapid Experimentation Toolkit captures learnings and experiments.


Two Weeks on- or offsite with up to 5 people