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Innovation starts with the RIGHT idea.

An idea that customers love.

How do you find the right idea?
Try Pretotyping and Rapid Experimentation.

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Developed by Google, Perfected at Stanford, Pretotyping is used by companies around the world to find the RIGHT IT.





Discover Pretotyping

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Yes, we said Pretotype.

Pretotyping is what you do before Prototyping.

80% of all new products fail in the market. The solution: Test 10 times the number of ideas at a fraction of the cost.
Pretotyping is a proven technique to rapidly test new ideas by getting data from real customers in days and weeks, not months and years.
Prototyping is used to find out if you CAN build something.
Pretotyping saves you time, money and resources by helping find out if you SHOULD build anything in the first place. Pretotyping will let you fail much, much faster, with validated learning from real customer data.
It works for Google, it’ll work for you.


Exponential Growth

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Find your winning ideas faster and cheaper through rapid experimentation.

Stop wasting millions of dollars by building the wrong ideas. We use Pretotyping, developed at Google, perfected at Stanford, executed in Australia, to test your innovation ideas quickly and inexpensively. 
Pretotyping combines the smallest possible investment of time, money, and resources with the strongest possible learnings.

Happy Pretotypers


Queensland Member based organsation

"14 Ideas. 3 Weeks. 38 Experiments!
Customers don’t do what they say, Facts don’t care about your opinion and it’s realistic to get customer data in 24 hours for very little cost." - Richard,RACV Innovation Manager

*Pretotyping Workshop and Three Week Rapid Experimentation Sprint


Racing Victoria Governing Body


*Pretotyping Workshop and Two Week Rapid Experimentation Sprint


Global FMCG Digital Transformation


*Pretotyping Workshop and multiple Rapid Experimentation Sprints


Tier 1 Energy Provider

*Pretotyping Workshop and Two Week Rapid Experimentation Sprint


Queensland Member based organsation

*Pretotyping Workshop and Two Week Rapid Experimentation Sprint

HCF Catalyst Slingshot

HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2018


*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop for multiple Startup and Scale-up teams.

Phoria Immersive Media

Phoria Immersive Media - VR / AR /MR / XR

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop

Caltex Spark Accelerator by Slingshot

Caltex Spark Accelerator by Slingshot 2018

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop for multiple Startup and Scale-up teams.


Slingshot LION Accelerator 2017 - Tailor Brews - Ben, Founder

I was very lucky to sit in on your pretotyping workshop yesterday at the Slingshot accelerator. Thanks for your insights, definitely something I want to implement in my start-up to help us get clarity.

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop.


Slingshot HCF Catalyst Accelerator 2017 - Birthbeat, Edwina Sharrock, CEO

I had such an incredible day with Leslie Barry last week. If you are under the impression you know what people think about your product........think again... truly test your product and not with opinion but with actual data. Don't build or create a product before you do this.

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop.

qantas avro.jpg

Qantas AVRO Accelerator 2018

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop for multiple Startup and Scale-up teams.

LION Unleashed by Slingshot

LION Unleashed Accelerator 2017

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop for multiple Startup and Scale-up teams.


Slingshot LION Accelerator 2017 - Tayble - Chris, Founder

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the workshop at Slingshot, very insightful and we will definitely be implementing a lot of it right away.

*Pretotyping Accelerator Workshop.