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At Exponential Innovation, we help corporate innovators and agile teams to embrace the cutting edge.

We deliver hyper-growth with real world impact through innovation consulting and concepts.

We offer speaking, consulting and workshops on Pretotyping, Innovation, & Exponential Technologies.

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Pretotyping Workshops

Developed at Google by Alberto Savoia (now a Stanford educator), pretotyping teaches us to fail and fail fast. It’s how agile teams learn!

By leveraging tools and techniques to test ideas before building them, you can set the stage for an effective prototyping process without wasting resources on dead-end development.

Pretotyping combines the smallest possible investment of time, money and resources with the strongest possible learnings.  

We can deliver workshops and training that will allow you to build your team and equip them with innovation tactics and techniques.

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The strongest competitive advantage today is in technologies with a massively accelerating exponential growth curve.

Whether that’s AI, new energy systems, robotics or AR, we can help you to understand their opportunities and challenges.


If your team needs a better understanding of start-ups, scale-ups or how innovation is impacting us at an exponential pace, hire us to speak.

Technology impact and the Exponential Future

This talk discusses how technology and automation are impacting us and our customers right now. How can we respond through understanding exponential technologies?

How to Innovate for Profit

This talk covers: 
Why Bother with Innovation? 
Why We Care. 
Failure is Rapid Learning. 
Simple Steps to Get Results. 
3 Surprising Examples. 
What You Can Start Today.

Technology impact on the future of work

Technology is impacting our jobs. We imagine this is in the distant future, but it's happening right here and now. Slides from my talk and insights after a study tour to Silicon Valley with Singularity University, Techcrunch Disrupt and Rocketspace Innovation Collective. 

Failure drives Disruptive Innovation

Accelerated controlled failure through large-scale experimentation is creating some of the most valuable companies on earth. What can we learn from Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Google? How do you go from idea to Pretotype to viable product?

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